Band of Locals Labor Day Arts, Crafts & Food Festival

Band of Locals Announce Labor Day Arts, Crafts and Food Festival Downtown Big Rapids!

Big Rapids, MI:  The board of directors for the Band of Locals, a community and small business organization, are excited to announce the return of one of Big Rapids most beloved events, but with a new twist.

“At a recent Band of Locals (BOL’s) board meeting, we were discussing new ideas and opportunities that we could offer our members,” stated BOL’s President, Carlleen Rose. “New board member suggested an event that small business owners and new entrepreneurs could participate in.  Something that would not only bring more awareness to these unique businesses but our community as well.” 

The idea grew from a business event that could be held downtown Big Rapids, on a day or weekend that would not compete with other happenings, to and event that could incorporate additional vendors such as the former Labor Day Arts & Crafts Festival.  The conversation grew into the creation of the Band of Locals Labor Day Arts, Crafts & Food Festival.

The former Labor Day Arts and Crafts Festival had been held in Hemlock Park and hosted by the Mecosta County Area Chamber of Commerce (MCACC) for nearly 50 years.

Upon the return of the festival, you will see a few new changes.  The official name of the new event is the Band of Locals Arts, Crafts & Food Festival and will be held on Michigan Avenue, Downtown Big Rapids, as opposed to Hemlock Park. “Our goal is to not only draw arts & crafts enthusiasts to the event but foodies as well.  It’s also the perfect opportunity to show off our vibrant downtown, community offerings along with our small business BOL’s members,” noted Rose.

It is going to be a great year in the Big Rapids Region!