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The Mecosta County Visitors Bureau (MCVB) is a Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) designed to promote area recreation, events, festivals and all things tourism related in Mecosta County.

Our mission statement is to promote the Mecosta County area as a destination for visitors and in doing so enhance the general economic welfare of the area. We seek to promote the community as a place that offers convivence, variety, involvement, ideas and friendly service.

The MCVB is able to reach its marketing goals through an assessment that is collected by lodging facilities within the assessment district (Mecosta County). This collaborative marketing initiative with the lodging facilities increases their reach to guests that may otherwise not be aware of the culture and offerings in Mecosta County. It also gives the hotels additional resources for the creation of larger and multi-use programs and packages.

This infusion of additional revenue at the hotels also means increased spending at our local small businesses thus helping our community thrive and grow!

Tourism brings many positive economic drivers into a community. Tourism injects fresh capital into the area by attracting visitors from outside, thus bolstering the local economy. Tourism also allows businesses to expand through increased revenue allowing them to invest in their business.

The MCVB uses a variety of marketing tools to increase the visibility of Mecosta County through digital, print, and social media. We also promote within our community through involvement on different boards and agencies.

At 127 S State Street, you’ll find our Welcome Center, a central hub for all things related to the local area. Established in 2017, our Welcome Center serves as a comprehensive resource, providing information on a wide array of local festivals, events, and attractions.

Kendra Lewis – Executive Director Mecosta County Visitors Bureau

Mecosta County Visitors Bureau’s Annual Report

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