Paris Park

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Paris Park

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22090 Northland Dr
Paris, MI 49338
United States
(231) 796-3420
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Paris Park was Michigan’s second fish-rearing facility when it opened in 1881. This area was selected because of its abundant sources of water and excellent railroad connections, and was a major supplier of salmon and brown trout fingerlings for stocking lakes and rivers. Milk cans painted a distinctive red were shipped throughout the state in railroad baggage cars from 1913 until 1938, when hatchery transport trucks were developed. It continued to operate until 1964, when it was closed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. The Park Commission acquired it in 1973, refurbished the grounds as a park and opened it in July 1976. Inside the hatchery building is a pictorial history of the site. You can still see (and feed) the trout swimming in the ponds. The old railroad line has become the White Pine Trail and it runs adjacent to the Park. Paris Park is nestled under a broadleaf canopy of trees. Shaded picnic areas surround the trout ponds. Enjoy kayaking and canoeing from our launch site on the Muskegon River.
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